PIDEKA initiates conversations with the ECCI University for research agreements in different areas of knowledge that comprise medical cannabis.

March 20, 2019


On the morning of Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the PIDEKA facilities in Bogotá received the visit of a scientific committee made up of five engineers, directors of different departments of the ECCI University of Colombia. They were present: the M.Sc in Environmental Engineering Miguel Ángel Vargas Penagos; the M.Sc Biomedical Engineering Guillermo Andrés Cano Torres; the M.Sc in Chemical Engineering Hernán Enrique Castillo Lozano; the M.Sc in Mechatronic Engineering Alexander Cortes Llanos; and the MBA in Industrial Engineering Iván Mauricio Naranjo Gaitán.


The reason for the visit was to establish academic links with PIDEKA for the construction of a scientific research agreement, educational extension and the improvement of technologies in the field of medical cannabis.

“We invite the ECCI university because it is a dynamic Institution with recognized work in the areas of research in the technological sciences and engineering. The idea is that, through these types of agreements, an investigative immersion in the subject is first sought, based on business practices in our company, in the production and transformation of cannabis, an issue that covers various areas of knowledge. The objective is that with this, efficiency will be added to production practices, prototypes of equipment required in the production and transformation of the plant will be developed, environmental practices will be improved, and the scope and effectiveness of the drugs that we hope to obtain will be extended, ”he explains. the PhD in science Javier García González head of research and agronomic development of PIDEKA.

The opportunity to study this plant in situ is unique not only in Colombia, but also throughout the world. The results of research generated from agreements of this kind can position the institutions involved and the country at the peak of knowledge related to the science of cannabis; as well as generating educational materials that are the basis for training an efficient and technified productive force in the country in an innovative way.


On behalf of the ECCI, the Biomedical engineer Guillermo Andres Cano expressed that one of the interests of the institution will be to have “the possibility of showing students that there are many opportunities that arise from the value chain of Cannabis for medicinal use, both in research as in the work area itself. For example, in the area of ​​research, the development of state-of-the-art devices that simulate the genotypic and phenotypic results of the possible crossings of certain cannabis plant materials, with the aim of contributing more efficiently to the improvement of symptoms of specific pathologies. , as well as in so many other areas of knowledge ”. In addition, he mentioned: "I consider that there is enormous potential in what is being done because when we manage to unite doing with know-how, it is that we manage to compete with the large capitals that are already crowded in this sector, and in any other" .

After listening to the history of the trajectory and being guided by the facilities of the PIDEKA company, the environmental engineer Miguel Ángel Vargas Penagos concluded: “that they have reached this point of development of facilities and knowledge from a simple project such as in their I begin, also trying and transforming a product that has been seen in a dark way in our history to something so promising and innovative, it is worthy of respect and admiration. This project is what every university wants. We look forward to working together soon. ”