PIDEKA AND AGROSAVIA sign a memorandum of understanding to generate knowledge of high scientific value in the Cannabis production system for medical and scientific use.

July 18, 2019


The signing of this agreement was attended by Pideka, Maria del Pilar Sánchez (Legal Representative and founder), Javier García (head of agricultural research and development) and by AGROSAVIA Jorge Mario Díaz Luengas executive director and Rodrigo Martínez Director of research and Development.

Within the framework of the Agroexpo exhibition fair, on July 12 of this year, AGROSAVIA and PIDEKA signed a memorandum of understanding to carry out research, development and innovation projects in the production system of cannabis for medical and scientific use. These projects will be geared towards obtaining a technological offer and providing specialized services that will improve the productivity and competitiveness of the cannabis production system for medical and scientific use.

PIDEKA is a company authorized by the Colombian government for the cultivation and production of seeds, manufacture and transformation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, being the first company with indoor production to meet the highest market standards. Its mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of millions of people, through the research and development of new cannabis genetics that promote the creation of products for the prevention, relief or treatment of multiple diseases.

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The Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation, AGROSAVIA, is a decentralized public entity of mixed non-profit participation, of a scientific and technical nature, whose purpose is to work in the generation of scientific knowledge and agricultural technological development through scientific research and technology transfer. ( http://www.corpoica.org.co/qu%C3%A9-hacemos/)

To create this agreement, research lines aimed at optimizing the productivity and quality of medicinal cannabis were identified, through: Micropropagation and in-vitro cultivation of cannabis material with compounds of interest to industry, conventional genetic improvement and using molecular biology for the development of high-value genetic material in the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, harmlessness and biological control of pathogens, soil and water management and analysis, phytosanitary diagnosis as well as phytochemical characterization and crop physiology.

This AGROSAVIA-PIDEKA framework agreement is of great relevance for the production of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes, generating the knowledge required by the chain and the country to position itself as a benchmark in the production of this plant with the required international standards.